Monday, January 14, 2008

Squirrels of Nimh

So for my first blog, I thought I would astound everyone with the fact that I have super intelligent squirrels in my backyard. Just like in the movie The Secret of Nimh, I think they've moved on to squirrels. Let me explain from the beginning...

I have never been motivated to put up outside Christmas lights. You see, I figure the cost, time and hassle just wasn't worth it to have to take them down again in a few weeks (or leave them up all year like some of my neighbors). However, my 6 year old daughter this last year finally decided that we needed to have lights like "all the other houses Daddy!". Luckily for me though, I came home one day and they were already done (thanks Becca!). One evening I get home from work, I pull the car in the garage and on the way into the house I plug in the string of lights. Now at the time I thought it strange that I didn't see a glow near the garage door seam since I always did before. I didn't care enough though to investigate at the time. The next morning I unplugged the lights, got into my car and went to work, oblivious as to what the squirrels had already done.

It was later that day that Becca tells me that the squirrels destroyed the string of lights. I was thinking that they pulled something down, or maybe chewed through it. To my astonishment, when I returned home I found many short pieces of green wire and no bulbs at all. The squirrels had chewed the wire off the bulbs so they could take them away to their secret lair to light it (just like in the movie, although without the wire part I have no idea what nefarious plans they have with the bulbs).

Squirrels 1
Scott 0

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