Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are they curing the meat while I wait?

Working in east Boulder severely limits the number of places to grab some lunch. One of those places is Snarfs. Now Snarfs makes a darn good sandwich, and if they didn't then I wouldn't have an issue. My problem is that it can take forever to get a sandwich made. I have gone there enough times that I have a rough schedule for how long you can expect to wait.

11:00-11:15------ 5-10 minutes

11:16-11:29------ 10-15 minutes

11:30-12:59------ 25-30 minutes

1:00-1:15-------- 10-15 minutes

1:16 and later---- Don't know as I can't make it that long without eating lunch

I made the big mistake of going there at "lunchtime" the first few times and watched them make tens of sandwiches for big carry-out and delivery orders to local businesses. Now I make sure to head there before 11:30, and if I miss it due to a meeting or just plain being too busy to notice the time, then it's off to fight the crowds at Whole Foods for a sushi.

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