Saturday, January 19, 2008

Afternoon fun at the outdoor skating rink

We spent another afternoon at the outdoor skating rink in downtown Louisville today. It's a tiny "rink", has the most abused ice I've ever skated on and plays some of the cheesiest 80's music you can imagine, but is a lot of fun. The kids get to play with little shovels, sleds and large plastic candycanes. My daughter took skating lessons last fall, so she can already zoom around the ice without us hovering over her. My son is just learning now, but after only a few times he can already move around on his own for the most part (which is a huge step from basically holding him up the whole time while my back screamed out in pain).

I highly recommend heading down with the family for some fun (although skating has become much more expensive since I was a kid). One of the really nice things about the location is that you are right next door to the Old Louisville Inn, where we stopped today for a snack after skating, or just a block away from the new Waterloo Icehouse which is very kid friendly and has some great menu items.


Anonymous said...

I like all those places too.

Fire Lance said...

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