Saturday, February 16, 2008

Waiting again for the iPhone

Just when I had almost convinced myself to pick up an iPhone, I stumbled across this acticle: It turns out that the current iPhone only works with the 2.5G AT&T network (EDGE I believe it's called). Apple is going to soon release a new version of the iPhone that can connect to the 3G network that AT&T claims to be country-wide by the end of the year. 200K versus 1MB is a big enough difference to wait for. I guess that shows why they keep new product development under such tight secrecy, or you would constantly have 1/2 your potential customers waiting for the next version.

I need to next research how the broadband part of the iPhone works. I have a sprint card integrated in my new laptop and if I could simply replace that with an AT&T card and "share" the account across the two devices then I can save some $$. If you already know the story here please let me know.
UPDATE: Recent press says June '08 for the 3G iPhone. Only 3-4 more months to wait...


RebTel said...

If it weren't for all the great apps that iPhone offers, some of their customers would get tired of waiting. However, since they make it possible to save money on calls using Skype or similar platforms using all the apps they have available, customers wait patiently.

lori said...

The device has come a far way since then.